Infidelity OR Finding love after marriage

Now, this is strange of me writing a blog on infidelity, however, I dont call it infidelity I say it to find love after marriage. Earlier, if you would have met me 10 years before, I would have bashed you right, left and centre. I still remember how much I hated Sridevi for marrying Boney Kapoor because for me she was a homebreaker. People will not agree to me and I will agree to their disagreement because I myself never believed in it and if you ask me I myself would never do that to any other girl or get involved with a married person, however, as an individual if you ask me about it I would say there is nothing wrong in it.

Yes, I know I have raised eyebrows of many by making such a statement but why is it wrong or who are we to pass on the judgement. We as a society is pure judgemental and that is what we know best to do, but do we really care. Do we really extend a helping hand to the person in need. No, but to crticise, ridicule, judge we all are there. We have only one life to live and we have full right to live it the way we want and if after marriage we find love elsewhere it is okay to move ahead and embrace that love of ours. Why to bother what people will say, will they guarantee to take care of your happiness always NO. In my opinion, if you are married, there are no signs of abuse and your husband is also pretty descent still you feel no connection with him, and some one else enters your life and you feel driven towards him or her, why not embrace him/her. You have to live this life to fullest not just drag it like some animal. You are worried about people,they will talk for a day or two and then will get back to their regular selves. So please think about what is right now infront of you, may be tomorrow this also won’t be there and you will spend rest of your life with guilt and regret and unhappiness.

I know many people will be angry reading this post that I am supporting Infidelity, no not at all,I am supporting Love. If love is not there, rest everything is meaningless. What are you more concerned about – the people questioning me here? The seven promises you made while marriage. or the vows you have taken as per different religion of marriage, and what about a living being, you don’t think that the person should be more important than any promises you made.The happiness should matter. If a person is unhappy but everyday is getting up with an emptiness inside, will that justify your promises. Problem with all of us is that our entire lives we are just saving our values, morals, and god knows what on the stake of one life. In my view a life is above all anything on this goddam earth. And if you talk about GOD then our body is our god, god is in us. If we can keep our being happy, all the promises are fullfiled automatically.

So folks what are you waiting for, lisiten to your heart don’t wait anyone to tell you whats right and whats wrong. There is no such thing as right or wrong. The thing which is right for me can be wrong for you and vice versa. So live your life full without any regrets.

See ya until next time my lovelies ❤

Oh My God…

Whenever I watch this movie I feel elated. When I use to talk about the religion and superstition attached to it, I was termed atheist. I never could understand how fasting on various occasions can bring prosperity to you. Why to waste milk in the name of Shivratri when you can give it to someone really hungry, after all it’s just stone on which you are pouring milk. I also could never understand how wearing a particular stone can control your anger.

It is really funny, how in the name of god lakhs of donations are given when one cannot give 5 rs. to the one who had not eaten for 2 days. How donating your hair in Tirupati will bring long life to the new born. I have also seen people chanting mantras on the “Mala”, while having their daughter in law tortured.

Well the fact is “God” is in you. Karma is your best “Pooja” and your actions will decide if you will have prosperity or not. Well I am not atheist, I just don’t believe in hours long rituals, I believe in good deeds, if you can help 1 person with full heart that is enough. There is no need of fasting, donations and rituals. Even if you don’t light candle infront of god but have honesty and are helping those in need means you do believe in god. As I say Kindness is the best virtue. So if you just do your deeds with full honesty then you do believe in god whether you worship him or not.



The Scam VS The Big Bull – Harshad Mehta Story

Generally I do not review movies as I am not good at it and this is also not a review in a way. I recently watched both back to back though The Scam – Webseries was released last year. Though having a strong liking for junior Bachchan I will have to say that unfortunately he could not do justice with the biopic. However, I wouldn’t troll him and compare him with Pratik Gandhi who was bang on in The Scam. Abhishek acted fairly well.

I have also worked in media industry so I understand technical liberties and limitations. Still, a biopic should be a biopic. In the movie focus was to show Abhishek more as a hero, if he would have been able to portray Harshad it would have been great. Changes in names, fictonalising the events made the movie look even more unbearable. Whereas The Scam presented the exact facts, you can actually feel it’s a Hansal Mehta work as the brilliant director he is. Like for example Ram Jethmalani presented Harshad’s side but in movie that was also changed. The movie had many loopholes. The Scam was a masterpiece. However, comparing both would be unfair but the comparisons will arise if people have previously watched The Scam.

In short, The Big Bull disappointed many of us to great extent.

Best wishes


Social Media Ideals

I know the title seems too wierd. What I meant here is that people posts too idealistic quotes on social media, but do they really mean it. No, trust me I know such people, infact public figures who posts too idealistic quotes like being positive, genuine soul etc etc but in reality they are exact opposite to it.

I never post such things on social media because our mind works in mysterious manner. Today we are positive, tomorrow we can be negative and the other day might get involve in immoral activities, we cannot predict our personality, it keep on changing. First of all develop humanity. Be kind to everyone. We all lack this virtue including me. I don’t think I am a genuine soul, if for once you became jealous of someone, made fun of someone’s appearance or spoke ill about someone then you are human not genuine. And that is why giving motivational gyan on social media is far from being true. They post to gain followers, more and more likes. I have worked in media industry and know many such people who are completely different off screen. And that’s not wrong but why to be saints on social media. Be who you are. I don’t feel ashamed saying that I am fake at times, negative and jealous being. Because I am human. One should be kind from inside and then they won’t have to give gyan to others and they will automatically have millions of followers.



Slangs… Just words or disrespect!!!

As far as slangs used in English language as a part of conversation it’s all cool. However, I never like when people used ethnicity based slurs to define people. It is all in bad taste, very disrespectful! But for people it’s all in humour. Keeping names for the people you are friendly with is okay but using slangs in generic terms is really not acceptable.

Like for example very common one is “Chinky” that refers to mostly people with Chinese origin. Same way “Nigger” is the word used for black people mostly in USA. And the most offensive term I hate personally is “Katua” or “Mullah” to describe people of Muslim origin. And what is amazing is that people find pride and fun while calling these names out. I never liked, when I use to work and when my seniors use to joke about taking these slangs, I use to keep quiet, no point in correcting these so called high profile, sophisticated, intellectual and elite class. They know everything and if you correct them you are either spoiled sport or trying to be classy and modest.

So I stopped correcting anyone now. But I feel we should not be using derogatory term for anyone and just for once try to step in their shoes, how will you feel if someone does that to you.

Have a lovely and joyous day.



The Intern

When I started working in Mumbai in T.V industry, I used to be embarrassed quite a while because everyone out there were so young to me, even my creative directors and I was working as their juniors, all because I started too late.

But then one day while net surfing I came across this wonderful movie that changed my mindset all together. Well, even if you are working with your younger ones as your seniors, there is no need to be embarrassed if you are dedicated, hardworking, focused and most important wearing a smile whole time at work.

At the end how does it matter what age you are till the time you know your job and love your job and even if people sometime talk about you or seem surprised for your age, that’s okay. You be confident because at the end confidence is what matters and trust me slowly people will love you.



Ghost- Are They Real!!!

Well, this is a debatable topic since long for so many people. And as a matter of fact 99% of our country believes in them. And I am not here to challenge their belief. Everyone has there belief system and we all should respect that but as an individual I do not believe in Ghosts. For one and only major reason I have not seen them.

Forget that, but whoever claims that they have seen ghosts have actually not seen them but have heard tales from their relatives or granny. Anything what we have seen or believe are through the movies. It is movies portrayal of ghosts that has occupied our minds so strongly that we have even given shape to this imagination called “Ghost”.

Like for example, it is generally shown in movies that ghost come back to take revenge then we have so many famous pending murder cases why don’t their spirits come and take revenge. Forget this I recently rewatched Ram Gopal Verma’s flick “Darna Zaruri Hai”, and was amazed to see the beginning chunk where a man dies of a heart attack while crossing the graveyard as he believes that someone wearing “Payal”is chasing while in the reality it was coins in his pocket given to him at ticket counter, were making noise. So the moral here is it is your fear that kills you and I always use to say that your fear kills you, not spirits. And even if there are spirits they will never ever harm you in any way as shown in movies.

Now, there is even studies on them called paranormal sciences but in today’s time, a small subject can be the matter of study. So to sum up I can say only one thing not hurting anyone’s belief that for those who believe ghosts there are ghosts and for those who does not believe in ghosts there are no ghosts.

Have a Ghostfree life🤪


Life of a pie

Though I have watched this back when it was released but recently I watched this movie and was amazed with message it gave us. It was not just a movie but a message.

Firstly, the most important one, never loose hope. And secondly, no matter how difficult the situation might be never give up. Also, everyone even the weakest of all has hidden strength in them, they just have to realise it. You can survive even when the world seems to be tough and shutting on you. Keeping hope in despair can make you strongest.




We all feel this emotion at some point in life. But do you really think that this emotion once fulfilled gives you satisfaction. No, it does not. Revenge is an emotion that takes birth from another emotion called Hatred and remember Hatred is one such emotion that takes away all your peace and trust me Revenge once taken again gives birth to uneasiness in you.

So, the best thing is to let go and forgive those who once wronged you. And for once close your eyes and think that may be somewhere even you might have also done something and even if not, then also still forgive those who holds a negative place in your heart. Even if not immediately but somewhere sometime you will find peace and will be happy. Forgiveness comes from kindness and remember Kindness is the biggest virtue. And this I am saying from my personal experience.

So remember folks no Revenge just Forgiveness!!!

Love, Peace and Kindness.


Everything is alright!!!

World is not the way as you sees it, world is the way you are. So, remember if you meet people in life whom you think are bad or the situation is worse, if you think about it before sleeping from that persons point of view, you will realise that world is not that bad. The way you look at the world is the way the world will look at you,this is the most important aspect of life.

Love and Light


i’ve NEVER BEEN UNHAPPIER- Shaheen Bhatt

I recently read this book and actually like it because on lot many things I can relate to it being a depression survivor. Here are the excerpts that describes my mental state perfectly.

Most of the days the thought that crosses my mind is “I am filled with disgust about myself, and may be that’s the problem where do you go when you hate your own company?” How do you escape you? Mostly to me everything hurts, everything still hurts. Why does the worst always get worse. I always think that I am stupid, I am laughable, I am worthless, I am empty, I am useless, I am a burden, I am waste, I am unlovable, I am selfish, I am awful: I should just not exist. Just some random thoughts I am sharing. Low self esteem is the biggest problem for people dealing with depression.

But yet I would say always dare to embrace darkness to stay functionally sane, like I do. There are thousands of people out there who are shadowed by this biochemical disorder called depression. And we all wish life wasn’t so worst.

I am in constant anguish. There’s a deep unexplained sadness that’s eating away at my hopes. It took me a long time to understand the nature of illness with since as a condition, depression is particularly stigmatised in Indian Society, not to mention widely misunderstood in general. Remember Depression is a common mood disorder and a serious medical illness.

The feeling is a shapelifter. Somedays it comes to me silently taking me by surprise- cold, unfeeling and blank, an infinite void disguised as a wisp of a smoke melting into the very air. Other days it’s a colossal monster that shakes the ground beneath me making me shiver with its every defeaning step in my direction. On the worst days it comes to me as myself, as everything I could have been and as everything I will never be: immaculate and completely without fault. It taunts and belittles me, obscuring my successes and highlighting my failures. This has been my constant thought process since long.

I’ve learned over the years that there is big difference between wishing you were dead and wanting to kill yourself. And that’s the truth with most of the depression survivors, they might say they want to commit suicide but in most cases they won’t harm themselves. You just need to understand them.

There is almost never an actual reason for this pain, almost never a concrete, upsetting thoughts that causes my tears. For me it began slowly- odd low mood, an occasional barrage of intrusive negative thoughts, a flurry of unexplained tears.

All the uncertainty and unease, that mild discomfort, compounded into an all-encompassing sadness, and my still childlike mind struggled to piece it together.

Since childhood, I was crumbling under the weight of self-created expectation. I was never good enough. I continued to do badly at school, no matter how hard I tried and sincerely went on to believe I wasn’t smart enough. I lived in constant fear of failing all my exams and having to repeat a year which eventually I did, I failed 9th standard and my fear came true.

Let’s get technical for a minute. Very often insomnia (the inability to fall asleep) and depression go hand in hand, and a disruption of sleep patterns is one of depression’s most common symptoms. And after long enough it becomes near impossible to determine whether it’s insomnia that’s causing the depression or the depression that’s causing insomnia.

I used alcohol and smoke as a crutch during depressive episodes. I wasn’t an alcoholic and I could stop drinking and smoking for months if I chose to. The times I drank and smoke, I only did it to hide from my feelings because it was too agonizing to confront them. People who are depressed abuse substances in an attempt to free themselves of depression, and in doing so damage their lives to the extent that they become further depressed by the wear and tear their abusive behaviour causes.

When depressive episodes come, it feels as though they will never leave, but that is rarely the case. A person experiencing their first depressive episode is more likely to attempt suicide, while someone who has lived through a few episodes has more or less learned how to cope with them, and more importantly recognized that they eventually end.

I still have days on which I wish that I simply did not exist. I have days on which I wish I had never been born, I have days on which I wish I would die in my sleep. I even have really bad days on which thoughts of suicide start to waft about inside my head again.

Health anxiety was and still is one of the most debilitating side effects of depression I’ve experienced. I am awkward in social situations, I don’t make much eye contact, I talk too fast. It took me a long time to realize that anxiety has taken over my life almost as much as depression has. Remember: Depression is grief Anxiety is fear. Isolation is one of the hallmarks of depression.

No one understands how I feel is in all probability the most frequently thought and spoken descriptor of depression of all time and I think that’s because it’s true. No one can truly understand how you feel because the pain you experience is unique to you. In other words you can buy happiness off the rack but sadness is tailor made just for you.

There was also a marked difference in the way I thought I was perceived when I told people I was clinically depressed. When I was sad, I was just sad- I was someone who was struggling under the weight of difficulties life was throwing at me. But when I was depressed, I was either damaged or a drama queen.

In its worst moments, depression affects your ability to love as well as to be loved, leaving you incapable of either. So it’s hardly surprising that some of depression’s greatest damage is in the realm of relationships. The truth is someone is never going to fully understand how you feel unless they’ve been through the same thing.

We wear ‘I’m okay’ masks, so no one can see how we really feel or ascertain the things that hurt us; we don’t show them who we really are, we isolate ourselves when we’re in pain and then we spend all our time wondering why no one gets us. They never get us because they have no idea who we are. How could they? We’ve never told them.

My life so far has been a roller coaster of highs and lows, happiness and friendship. But this is what depression does; it robs you even if joyous hindsight. It poisons your mind and obscures all the good in your life. All the positive alive moments of life seem like distant, long lost memories and all that you can see in the rear-view mirror is the pain you’ve left behind.

The more I tried and failed at being content the worse I felt because I was failing at yet another thing. Trying to be happy forever is like trying to stop water from slipping through your fingers. It’s not possible and the only way forward is to realize and accept it. The only fixture in life is change.

And lastly I would say : I remind myself if happiness is fleeting, then so is sadness. I also remind myself depression is weather, and I’m a weather-worn tree. I also remind myself even the worst storm pass. And finally I remind myself I’ve survived them all.

Thank you for reading lovely people out there

Have a depression free life.

Love Tripts❤️

Happiness is a Myth!!!

You want to be happy because society has convinced you that normal people are happy all the time. You want to be happy because you want to fit in. But, why should you fit into the parameters of some made up definition of normalcy? You are exhausted because you’re always pretending to be something you’re not. You’re constantly trying to reach his non-existent, ideal state of emotional well-being. It’s not real. You’re being set up to fail. Take off the mask. You aren’t happy? Fine, you aren’t happy. One day you will be. And then you’ll be sad again. Accept that and stop chasing something that doesn’t exist. You can’t spend your life feeling bad about feeling bad.

Shine and keep shining


Depression & Suicide…

The psychotically depressed person who tries to kill herself doesn’t do so out of “hopelessness”… not because death seems suddenly appealing. The person… will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high-rise… Their terror of falling from a great height is still just as great as it would be for you or me… The variable here is the other terror, the fire’s flames when the flames get close enough, falling to death becomes the slightly less terrible of two terrors.

Bit high to understand but meaning is deep hidden, if you can understand the person’s silence, you will understand this as well😇




This is what I deals with most of the times!!!

Most people who live with depression live with some sort of shame. Whether it’s shame about who you are: I am not good enough, smart enough, successful enough, pretty enough, thin enough. Shame about what depression has turned you into: I’m not productive enough, reliable enough, happy enough. Shame about being depressed at all: I’m not normal enough. Shame about not being able to control all these disturbing thoughts: I’m not enough.

Embarrassment while similar to shame is still very different. Embarrassment is situational and occurs when the image you want to project to the world takes a hit and there are spectators.

Shame and guilt are not same either. Guilt can often be a positive emotion that helps you after your behaviour- if you believe you have behaved badly and it pushes you to behave more morally in future. Guilt is all about making amends while shame is about isolating, hiding and escaping.

Essentially shame causes you psychological pain so that you can see mistakes that you’re making and correct yourself.

Certainly most people dealing with mood or anxiety disorders seem to have an overdeveloped ability to feel shame.




Now a days saree has become a real taboo. If you wear saree it has to be a special occasion. Either some boys parents are coming to see you or you are going for some event or may be you are an air hostess. Whatever it is but it cannot be a regular wear like jean, skirts or frocks.

In earlier times women use to wear saree as their daily wear. I love wearing saree. I feel comfortable and beautiful both in saree. Oh and yes not to forget you can look sexy too in saree, you don’t have to necessarily wear short dress to look sexy and hot. People should really change their mindset. And forget people talking about individuals wear what makes you happy and not give up on societal pressure. I have a good collection of saree and I wear it anytime I want even if at home sometimes and if that makes me “Behenji” as some people says who cares after all it’s your body.

Happiness always


Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian???

I am a vegetarian by choice and not by religion. I am a Brahmin so I had to be a vegetarian is not the thing. And it should not be for any one. What has meat eating to do with your religion. It is you who has to decide whether you want to eat some other living being or not. No religion says to kill someone and eat neither does it say not to eat.

Like I find it really funny when non vegetarian’s say we don’t eat non-veg on Tuesday and Thursday. What??? Any specific god is going to get angry if you do so. Everything is in our mind. What we want and what we don’t. It should come from within. Eating vegetarian does not make someone saint and eating non-veg devil. At the end it is matter of choice.

See ya soon lovely people❤️


Now a days, Awards has become a big joke. Gone are the days when awards were given on the basis of sheer talent. But today all you need to be in the good books. Maintain relationships, be fairly nice to the award community basically be a yes man and the award is yours.

Initially when Amir Khan banned Filmfare awards I found it bit funny, I thought so big deal, it happens everywhere, he should take light. But now even National Awards has lost its credibility. It has more or less become the present government ruled awards. Well, I do not disagree with the talent of those who recieve the award, however I do feel the more deserving candidate does not receive the awards. Like, back in 90’s I still do not understand how come Meenakshi Sheshasri did not recieve award for much acclaimed “Damini” and Amir Khan for “Rangeela”. And the list is long.

I remember in 1 of the interview Kangana said “If I don’t recieve award for “Manikarnika”, National Awards credibility would be questioned and here you go she gets the award, however nonetheless she is talented and brilliant actress but not for national award, she got national award only because she is Headhearted BJP supporter. Not only Kangana when Akshay got National award for Rustom instead of Amir for Dangal it was quite disheartening.

Filmfare has anywhich ways lost its credibility way back but now National Awards has lost its credibility too, for what these awards are given Talent NO. So why this drama. Now even the most prestigious awards like Padam Shree is under Radar. For what kind of contribution Ekta Kapoor was given. Deserving people will never ever get the much acclaimed awards.

Anyways, this circus is never ending and will go on. No matter how talented you are, if you are the one who knows how to keep the “Power” happy, then it’s yours.



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